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Caroline Ravenhall

Caroline Ravenhall

Location : JHB

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few decades – you’ll know that we are living through an extraordinary time in human history, where the pace of life and the speed of change is unprecedented. In both our personal and professional lives, we are continually asked to push against the boundaries of possibility and develop new ways of thinking, leading, relating and innovating to bring about extraordinary results. The 4th industrial revolution, as its often termed, can be invigorating and stimulating or terrifying and hostile as we each grapple with keeping our heads above water, wrestle with the unanswered questions about the future and ponder the notion of what it means to be human. For me, it is an exciting time to be alive!

I thrive when inspiring and engaging business leaders and their teams to operate at their most authentic and resilient best in a world fraught with constant change and disruption. My expertise is based on 25 years of business and leadership experience – 10 of which were spent as a high flying executive working with Richard Branson and the Virgin Group of Companies where innovation, disruption, and change were a constant feature. My work is inspired by the personal challenges I faced in a high profile leadership role and the journey that I embarked on to find better ways to lead and operate in a maverick business environment.

For the last 15 years I have consulted with a number of multi-national organisations in the field of leadership development and culture change which is backed up by years of extensive study and research in a multitude of disciplines, both conventional and unconventional, which I have combined into a toolkit of methodologies and disciplines that bring about real-time meaningful change.

“The ladies in the crowd truly took to heart the message that Caroline had for us on the evening. She tailored her talk to the core of the crowd, and shared a message that, it felt, all the ladies needed to hear. Everyone felt like she had given them something to think about and take home!  ” – Max De Villiers – Growth Point

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