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Jodene Shaer

Jodene Shaer

Location : JHB

Jodene Shaer is a Published Author, Online Agency Co-Owner, People Development & Change Management Consultancy Co-Owner, Speaker & Daily Vlogger

Talk 1: Is success and happiness dependent on life goals and plans?
In a snap online survey by Jodene, over 50% of respondents said they are still trying to figure out their life purpose, goals and what makes them happy. From experience through her people development work, she knows that the extent of this problem is far-reaching.
Be it for professional or personal reasons, almost everyone has turned to some form of self-help to figure out their life goals and plans. “If the self-help industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars,” she asks, “why are we unhappier, unhealthier and less satisfied than ever before?” In this session, Jodene unpacks the reasons why your thoughts have not turned into things – redefining the basic laws of the universe so that happiness is the outcome. She explains that all you need to do is walk your own path of happiness and F.A.I.T.H (Focus, Acceptance, Intention, Trust, Happiness).

Audience: In a space of motivation and empowerment for individuals, corporates and communities, Jodene guides her audience into putting their life problems into perspective. People who are facing major life decisions, have undergone changes or are in search of a more fulfilling life find this talk particularly inspiring. For businesses, this talk is ideal to allow employees the opportunity to find personal calm in their lives, in order to find the motivation and focus, to perform better in the workplace.

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