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Lisa steingold

lisa steingold

Location : JHB

Lisa Steingold is a brand game changer, author and speaker. Following a successful career as an executive coach, Lisa now works as a Head of Marketing, blogger and writer.

Lisa is;

◈ The author of Cut the Crap, Stop the Debt Bus and more.

◈ A contributor to Entrepreneur, Oprah magazine, BizCommunity & CNBC

◈ A mentor for the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK

◈ Attempting to speak Spanish and cycle 100km’s in under 3 hours

She’s has some interesting interludes which include mountain biking across Vietnam & Laos, teaching English in Spain and battling the tube in London as a wannabe immigrant. She’s overcome burnout, debt and chocolate addiction and wants the world to GET REAL.

Speaker Topics

The 4th Industrial Personal Revolution

Smart phones, the rise of the Internet of Things and Augmented reality….blah blah blah. As a marketer and digital game changer, I’m well aware of the impact of the “4th Industrial Revolution” but with some intervention from Leonardo DaVinci, Dark Mirror and a story or two from Spanish cafe’s, this talk will have you looking at things from a whole new perspective. The 4th industrial revolution isn’t anything new but it IS something to be excited about!

Cut the Crap; the Power of Authenticity for Brands

I’m no Trump lover but for a moment let’s pretend we’re comparing notes between Theresa May and Donald Trump and see what this has to do with your brand. In the current market of hyper competition, understanding the opportunity cost of crap is all essential. If you know marrying potential doesn’t work and are ready to live “by experience” then let’s delve into a discussion that’ll have you Cutting Crap all the way to the bank.

The Burnout Diaries – the Key to High Performance

Burnout is hyper prevalent in today’s 24-7 always on connected economy but what if everything the doc tells us isn’t true? We’re going to challenge assumptions, understand why French baguettes (and women) are so mouth wateringly beautiful and learn the keys to maintaining high performance. This ISN’T a get more sleep and veggies kind of talk and you may just discover that high performance is well within your grasp

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