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Darren Thomas

Darren Thomas

Location : JHB

13 years ago a traumatic night left Darren Thomas in a wheelchair. He woke to the sound of people in his house and on the 23rd of October 2007, Thomas woke-up in the ICU, not understanding what exactly had happened. The brave South African was living with his parents in Northcliff at the time, and took a bullet to his chest and had many stab wounds after fighting off the criminals who had broken into his home. They had to remove a third of his lung, and as a result, Thomas ended up with 67 staples in his back. The stab wound to his head with a screwdriver was not deep enough to cause any damage and only left him with six staples. He was in ICU, general ward and then Rehab for three months, but that has not stopped the passionate South African from achieving all his goals and dreams.

Going from being a former Lions Sevens Rugby player on the rugby field, in the gym, going to Kickboxing, riding Superbikes and Jetskis to lying in a hospital bed learning to sit up all over again was a body and mind destroyer for Thomas. Losing the will to live happened, and that is no place he ever would want anyone to be in.

It had been a goal or challenge of Thomas’ for a while to do a rope climb, so he started by doing one out of his chair which led to two in a row and then the ultimate for him was to do it with the chair.

He recently posted a video of his “chair rope climb” and it is truly an incredible accomplishment to see.

Thomas says that these are “small wins for the average guy”, but to him, they mean that he put in the work, endured through the pain and conquered my biggest fears and insecurities!

Darren now takes his story around the Country discussing challenges and how to overcome difficulties through hard work and perseverance.

This motivational speaker is proof that with hard work and dedication you too can overcome obstacles in both your personal and professional life no matter what changes or challenges you are faced with.

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